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Latex Foams

Latex mattresses are made of either 100% natural, or a mix between natural and synthetic latex. It is impossible to determine if your expensive mattress is 100% natural latex, unless you cut a piece of it off and take it to a lab for testing. You cannot tell by looking at it, feeling it, or smelling it.

So what can we do when retailers claim that their mattresses are 100% Natural Latex? Should we believe them? Do they really know themselves? One thing is clear to this writer after 9 years importing and selling mattresses - consumers in Australia who don't want a spring mattress, ask almost exclusively about 100% Latex mattresses. The most successfull mattress material in Europe in the past 25 years (cold-foam) is almost never asked for. It is astonishing to me that Australian foams manufacturers have not invested in these wonderful new mattress technologies.

I recommend that consumers start asking about all the mattress technologies available to them - not just latex. Ask the important questions regarding healthy products, including quality of materials, types of materials used, chemicals and processes used, and the end-product. Ask what certifications the products have.

If you are interested in high-tech European bedding systems - come to Bedtek. There are many amazing foam mattress technologies out there too, both natural and man-made. Latex is just one of them.