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How to choose your mattress

When you optimize the ergonomic support from your bed, you take care better care of your back and experience a far more rejuvenating sleep. Below is the Bedtek list of essential things to look for when purchasing a new mattress.

1. Consider choosing a solid material mattress - (not springs) which is made of a flexible/elastic material - ie latex, memory foams and high tech foams such as Visco (memory foam) and ColdFoam.

2. Choose a mattress which is ergonomically zoned - denser in the middle where you are heavier and need more support, and softer in the shoulders because shoulders are wide and need to go down further into the mattress.

3. Choose a mattress with removable washable covers, - which are certified as non-allergenic (ie suitable for allergy sufferers). Our German and Swiss mattresses covers are removable and washable at 60 degrees celsius.

4. Choose a mattress which is certified free from any hazardous chemicals. - only then can you be sure of a healthy and non-toxic sleep environment. Our German and Swiss mattresses are certified and manufactured under the voluntary Oeko-text standard. Check any mattress before you buy to ensure that mattresses is independently certified as safe - beware of unsubstantiated manufacturer claims about cleanliness, support, materials and safety.

5. Consider your specific needs, and those of your partner - are they the same? If you have pressure related problems [sore shoulders, hips etc.] then consider a softer mattress or one with some memory foam in it. If your problems are largely support related, choose a mattress which is soft enough to distribute your weight evenly, but not so soft that you have trouble turning over on it. Ignore old wives tales about hard mattresses being appropriate or good for your back - they put unnecessary pressure on the rest of your body because they do not evenly distribute your weight. As long as the mattress is zoned for density, then even a mattress that is softer than you would normally risk buying, will in fact support you. If your weight or needs is greatly different from that of your partner, or you have a problem with partner disturbance, then consider buying side-by-side mattresses.

6. Consider the role of your bed frame - in particular, the slats. Bedtek mattresses will perform significantly better on a system of flexible slats. Please refer to our page on how to choose a slatted frame system for more information.

7. Consider the technical aspects of various mattress materials - as these are closely connected to healthy sleep and the life-span of the mattress. Below you will find additional information to help you choose a high quality product which is suitable to your needs.