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High-tech flexible-foam mattresses

In Australia, foam mattresses are regarded as a cheap, low quality solution. In regard to Bedtek's German made foam mattresses, nothing could be further from the truth.

The benefits of cold foam and evopore mattresses is that they offer all of the same benefits as latex without the weight, smell or high price tag.

In Western Europe, people have slept on high quality foam mattresses for decades. They understand that foam mattresses provide fantastic flexibility and support, and that they are clean, safe and durable.

Below are details of some of the high-tech foams used in Bedtek mattresses. If you have further questions in regard to these products, please contact Bedtek.

EvoPore® – Comfort and Stability

EvoPore® – Comfort and Stability

EvoPore® is the newest generation of materials used for mattresses. The EvoPore® “mixed pore” achieves smooth and elastic characteristics and features an extremely high durability, even when exposed to dampness, heat and high pressure. Good laying comfort, ideal bed climate, durability as well as climate consistency are the characteristics of EvoPore®.

• excellent climatic consistency – long lasting
• outstanding stability of the material – high durability
• high anatomic comfort
• Oekotex-Standard 100
• CertiPur Certified

ViscoPore® - Health and Function

ViscoPore® - Health and Function

The medical foam ViscoPore® possesses a very high adaptability as it is extremely visco-elastic. Any reaction of the foam depends on the speed of the force impacting: any slow impact has the effect that the ViscoPore® foam reacts highly viscose, rather soft, whereas on sudden impact it reacts absorbing.

Unlike any common viscoelastic foam the air permeable ViscoPore® foam has an open-pore cell structure so that any dampness can be transported out into the open and no heat build ups are possible.

• ideal pressure distribution and pressure relief
• open cell structure
• air permeable
• ideal micro climate
• Oekotex-Standard 100,

High resilient foam

High resilient foam (Cold Foam)

High resilient foam, or cold foam, stays flexible and outwears any standard foam. High resilient foam has an extremely high point elasticity. It´s structure has an open pore, which has the positive effects of extraordinarily good air circulation and evaporation of any dampness. High resilient foam is available in all degrees of hardness. Compared to any conventional polyether foam materials cold foam has a much higher elasticity and a much higher durability. Therefore cold foam is most applicable for the use in any high quality mattresses.