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All Bedtek Products Have Safety Certificates

The salesperson in your local bedding store may not have all the right answers when is comes to customer questions about product safety - specifically, the presence of unhealthy or hazardous chemicals in furniture and textile products. are poorly answered.

Bedtek has been - since 2005 - "Australia's Leading Healthy-bedding Store".

We choose our Germany and Swiss manufacturers carefully, and ensure that any claims that they make have been independently-verified by the relevant European and International standards authorities, and their testing-facilities.

We offer our products for sale detailed discussions with our manufacturers, and citing of their standards certificates.
This ensures that all Bedtek products are manufactured to the highest safety standards. All Bedtek products, including timbers, glues, mdf, textiles and foams are produced, tested and certified to be and chemical-safe AND suitable for allergy suffers.

Click on the pictures below to go to the official standards web-sites for detailed information on standards, testing, and other certification topics so that "when you buy from Bedtek, you are buying the safest beds in Germany and Switzerland, and without a doubt, "the safest beds in Australia".

Bedtek products DO NOT contain fire-retardants or any other chemical treatments.


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*Bedtek products DO NOT contain fire-retardants or any other chemical treatments.

Non-allergenic / Chemical free foams

Latexco European Latex

CertiPUR-USĀ® certified foams come with Comfort and Confidence

Non-allergenic / Chemical-safe textiles

Oeko-tex Standard 100 for safe textiles.


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