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Neck Support Pillows

Your cervical spine has one of the hardest jobs around. Seven cervical vertebrae support your head, which typically weighs anything from 4 to 6 kg!

The fact that the heavily loaded joint that is responsible for moving your head is not a ball-and-socket joint means that it is only capable of a limited range of movement. Over the course of the day, this joint quickly becomes stressed, since even the way you hold your head when you are working has an impact on your spine and ligaments.

Relaxation and regeneration are only possible during sleep, yet most pillows reinforce poor posture instead of providing anatomically correct support and relief to the ligaments and the vertebrae. Only a well-designed neck support pillow can provide the real benefits your body needs.

A neck support pillow provides optimum support and relief to your cervical spine, thus providing an opportunity for your ligaments and muscles to recover from everyday stresses and strains. Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, a neck support pillow ensures that you lie in a relaxed and anatomically correct position and helps to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Not every imaginatively shaped foam or latex pillow is a bona fide neck support pillow. Many of the products available on the market fail to deliver the benefits you might expect. If you slice through them at the midpoint where your head and neck are supposed to receive anatomically correct support, you find nothing but a flat mat.

Many peoples' idea of a neck support pillow, with a kind of roll at the front and a head support at the back, is not really a neck support pillow at all. The danger of this type of design is that it puts pressure on the carotid artery when you lie on your side, which negatively influences the vitally important blood circulation to your brain.

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