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What to look for in adjustable beds?

The common function of adjustable beds is to enable a person to sit up in bed, or to raise their legs for rest, circulation or convalescence. There are both manual and electric powered slat bases available for doing this. For some people, an electric adjustable bed is a matter of luxury - for others it is a mobility aid which is prescribed by their occupational therapists.

However, all Bedtek beds can also be adjusted in a different way. Our beds have flexible slat systems that support the mattress gently, and flex to follow the curve of a persons body, protecting the mattress from compaction, and distributing the body's weight evenly over the whole body. This minimises the stress on the body by changing to best support the often numerous positions that a person lies in while sleeping

These key to these adjustments, is the personalisation (or "fine tuning") of the slat base to take into account for the customers' specific weight, firmness-preference and body-shape. For a slat base to do this effectively, it must have flexible slats in it, have high-quality suspension caps attaching the slats to the slat base frame. The slats must be softer in the shoulder area because shoulders get crushed when people sleep on their side. They must be manually adjustable (sliders to make them firmer or softer) in the lumber and hip area because this is the area where people vary the most in weight and shape.

Adjustments of this nature are made by the consumer by lifting the mattress and changing the settings on the mattress supports (slat base). In queen, king and super king beds, there are two mattress supports in each bed - one for each person. As such, you can adjust each side of the bed differently - to suit each person's different needs. This adjustability is standard across the whole range of Bedtek slat bases.

For people who are confined to bed permanently or a lot of the time, hi-lo electric slat bases provide hospital-quality care in the comfort of their home. These are electric slat bases that have the added function of being to raise and lower the whole slat base to aid customers and their carers solve issues that exist when the bed is either two low or high for getting into or out-of bed, or the wrong height for carers to perform certain tasks.