Bedtek is Australia's premier European Sleep Technology Specialists who provide you with high quality sleep systems that will enhance the quality of your sleep

Bedtek has been bringing the benefits of advanced German and Swiss technology to Australian and international clients since 2005.

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep and that assisted technology sleep technology and the aesthetics of a beautiful bed go hand in hand. No longer does beauty have to be compromised by technology!

We work with you to find out your exact needs and deliver sleep systems in Australia and overseas. Our clients include customers who have chronic and long term health needs, independent living specialists, and assisted living accommodation and hospitality providers.

Our European partners are global leaders in contemporary furniture design, orthopaedic back acre and body pressure management. We constantly improve our products with the latest international advancements in sleep systems and we guarantee a European-manufactured product at a reasonable price, with personalised after sales support and service.

What makes a Bedtek bed special?

International standards and safety

Every Bedtek product is made according to international safety standards that have been tested by European and International standards authorities.

Environmental sustainability -allergy free materials

The materials used in Bedtek products, including timbers, glues, mdf, textiles and foams are produced, tested and certified to be completely chemical-safe and suitable for allergy suffers. 

Assisted technology beds that look beautiful

Bedtek has a Swiss range of beds in a number of colours and finishes with a full hi-lo function as required by carers and recommended by occupational therapists that also look beautiful so that you can be cared for in the comfort of your own home.

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